Why the Big Give?

Bethel Church continues desire to reach out to our community in love. The GIFT OF CHRISTMAS (http://giftofchristmas.ca) has been an event that thousands of people have attended over the span of 10 years. THE BIG GIVE is just another opportunity for us to help those who may be in need!

Many members of Bethel participated in a program in the early months of this year entitled "40 Days of Community" in which small groups were encouraged to go out and help, encourage and support anyone who needed it. It was then decided that we find a church wide project that could involve every single person in the congregation - young, old, rich, poor, etc.

This project needed to be exciting and inviting!

We felt the best way to do this would be to provide a day where the entire community could come and feel like they had experienced something entirely unique. It will soon be garage sale time - so why not a FREE garage sale? It's spring - things begin to come alive, the sun shines, people get out.

Our parking lot and gym will be transformed into a huge FREE event that hopefully will attract many, many people to Bethel and make them feel special and loved once more! Our goal is to help the needy of our city in any way we can and to also provide a day of entertainment and fun that many will not soon forget!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Big Give all about?
The Big Give is an event hosted by Bethel Pentecostal Church for the sole purpose of giving to the community, especially those who are in need. The event will take on the form of a very large garage sale, with good entertainment and other booths. The thing that makes this garage sale different from any other garage sale is that everything is absolutely FREE! That's right, absolutely free, so you might as well leave your wallet at home when you come to this event!

I heard everything is free, is that true?
Yes, that is true! Everything at this event will be free. This includes free garage sale items, free live entertainment, free food and so much more! You're probably thinking this sounds too good to be true? There must be a catch? Well, not with this event. There is no catch or hidden agenda, we simply want to give to the community, especially to those in need during these hard times.

Where did you get all the items you will be giving away?
All the items have been donated by members of Bethel Pentecostal Church, people in the community and local businesses. Some items are new and some items are used, but all are in good condition and donated by people who wants to make a difference in the city of Ottawa. You too can be part of this exciting event by way of donating items. For more information on how to donate, please contact the Bethel office at 613-226-1383.

Can I take as many items as I want?
Unfortunately not. Although all items will be free, we would like to ensure that there is enough items for everyone to take home. At the admissions gate, each person will be given a certain amount of a special currency called "Bethel Bucks" which can then be used to "purchase" items. In addition the Bethel Bucks each person will receive a food ticket which can be exchanged for a hotdog and a drink.

What is "Bethel Bucks"?
Bethel Bucks is the currency that will be used at the Big Give event in exchange for items. Each person will receive (for free) a pre-determined amount of Bethel Bucks at the admissions desks as they enter.

Will transportation be provided for larger items?
Yes, for larger items that cannot be transported with a normal car we offer free delivery. (Please note that this service will be limited depending on the number of volunteers)

What happens if it rains on June 6th?
Should it rain on June 6th the event will be postponed by one week until June 13th.

What time does the gates open?
The Big Give event will be open to public from 10am - 2pm.